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Thong, Goodwin, & Geddis talk their mind on ongoing current events that stem anywhere from the Jacksonville Jaguars to Bathroom Etiquette to Marvel Comics.

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Discussing all things Zed Run with NFTGOD,, MagNft, and Valueandtime! Be prepared to be blown away.

67 Minutes | Jun 10 2021

The Trash Katz discuss the current state of the NBA Top Shot Market, marketplace buys, NBA Top Shot Challenges and the rumored Halo Icon Pack!

66 Minutes | May 26 2021

"Where is my chili oil?!" The Trash Katz discuss the NBA Playoffs, Cool Cat Rewards, CC moment increases, new pack drops, office hours and of course, pack openings! Sit Back and Enjoy!

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46 Minutes | May 25 2021