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Tonight Hermann is joined by Thong (Trash Katz), Cody (Kohlman Entertainment), & DiNardo (North Shore Nine).

The topics are: N'Sync Salad Dressing Mid Size Vehicle Tom Brady Star Wars

30 Minutes | Sep 13 2021

The reintroduction of The Hub has returned. Hosted by Bryan Hermann, he is joined this week by Thong, Geddis, & DiNardo and they discuss who is the greatest, are aliens real, and who would be their hall pass.

34 Minutes | Aug 30 2021

Geddis Shonekan of Trash Katz is back to host the newest episode of the Hub! Joined by Anthony DiNardo of North Shore Nine and Thong Nguyen of Trash Katz, the guys discuss Dr. Seuss and what is actually being "Cancelled".

66 Minutes | Mar 08 2021