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Geddis Shonekan of Trash Katz is back to host the newest episode of the Hub! Joined by Anthony DiNardo of North Shore Nine and Thong Nguyen of Trash Katz, the guys discuss Dr. Seuss and what is actually being "Cancelled".

66 Minutes | Mar 08 2021

Geddis Shonekan of the Trash Katz is back again with Thong Nguyen of the Trash Katz and Tyler Sweeney of the NorthShoreNine to discuss GameStop stock, AMC stock and Robinhood. The team also discusses the income gap between the 1% and 99%! Be prepared for the rants!

64 Minutes | Feb 02 2021

Geddis Shonekan of Trash Katz hosts the latest episode of The Hub! Joined by Thong Nguyen of Trash Katz and Anthony DiNardo of the North Shore Nine, the guys discuss the events at the Capitol that occurred on January 6, 2021.

90 Minutes | Jan 09 2021