• Cody Kohlman

Why The Penguins Reverse Retro Jerseys Are The Most Pittsburgh Thing Ever

The NHL and Adidas have unveiled the 31 Reverse Retro jerseys for this year, and boy are people talking about it. Especially ungrateful Pittsburgh Penguins fans.

For the past couple years, Pens fans have been begging for the team to bring back the 'Snoop Dogg' 90's retro jersey. Probably one of the most iconic hockey jerseys of all time thanks to Snoopzilla himself (yes, that is a real nickname Snoop Dogg had so you can't call me corny). Well, the Penguins and the NHL heard our cries and decided to give our reverse retro a little Pittsburgh flair.

While people are outraged by Adidas 'ruining' a classic jersey, they're completely missing the amazing homage to Pittsburgh culture this jersey is. I'm sure when you first saw this jersey, there was some sort of familiarity beyond the obvious. You've distinctly seen this style of Pittsburgh branded sports apparel before:

Yes! This jersey gives a much deserved nod to the street vendors outside the stadiums in Pittsburgh! In my opinion, this is long overdue, but I'm glad these hard working street hustlers have gotten their recognition. They really have a thankless job. I'm glad that I got to see what they go through first hand on a game day when I left The Rivers at 6AM and was locked out of my friends apartment until they woke up at 8AM, but that's a story for another time.

Enjoy these jerseys for what they are, and eventually fall in love with them once you see Sidney Crosby in one. Cheers.

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