• Cody Kohlman

Looks Like DiNardo Took My Advice

Well well well, another blog for me to grace my horrible takes for your amusement.

So For those that may not know, I’ve been blogging on and off for probably 4 or 5 years. I started out with my own blog that had a horribly long URL and I’m surprised people actually read it. After that I took more time to focus on school and growing as a podcaster. After I graduated and entered the real world where dreams go to die, I reached out of the dark depths of normal adulthood and found myself writing for a Pittsburgh based blog which is also where I found the motivation and inspiration for my podcast, Back To The Burgh. After a short stint with those Jagoffs ;) and a long conversation with North Shore Nine’s most long standing member, I found myself here, with The Podhub Network.

Now, since a lot of the what I’ve done up to this point was more so in the written word, rather than the spoken word, I had asked DiNardo if there was any thought to bring a blog aspect to the PodHub website. His response? He basically said, “no one reads blogs you idiot,” in the most respectful way possible. Now I didn’t beg and plead to have a blog added to the PodHub brand, but I did make it known that I thought writing was one of my strengths. Now here we are.

DiNardo decided to give me what I want and I barely had to ask! In all seriousness, I think blogging is a very important aspect to any content creators arsenal. It helps to further explain your thoughts and feelings. It’s a way for the people who like your content to get to know you better than a 280 character tweet. It helps us collect ourselves and make us not sound like idiots. Or it can be a place for us to air our grievances with the world and make us sound even more like idiots. All in all, it’s just another form of content where you, the listener or fan of the community, can get to know us and continue to share our ideas and conversations.

I’m extremely happy to be able to blog again, and especially for a network like PodHub.

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