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Back To The Burgh in 2021

Updated: Feb 18

Before we look forward, we must look back...

This past year has been, needless to say, a roller coaster. Some of us have lost loved ones, stood up for our loved ones, and had to endure the harshest of circumstances. The virus and the social and political movements in our country have divided many and caused frustration and worry, but also brought us together and brought out the best in us.

In my small network of friends I’ve seen so much good come out of this past year. My friends Smitty and Tyler from Around The 412 made a huge step in becoming one of the top podcasts in the Pittsburgh area. My friend Gabb Goudy, although hated by many in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, has been able to skyrocket her side hustle and start to see the bigger picture and hopefully turn it into a career as a sports analyst. DiNardo has been able to expand his North Shore 9 brand as well as work closely with me through the PodHub Network to get my podcasting career up and going again. That leads me to my own growth. I always wanted to be a podcaster or content creator, but I always lacked motivation and a good concept. That all came together for me this year with Back To The Burgh and I’m thankful for those that helped me along the way.

But with all the success and good fortune happening around me, there was also some bad. I had some family come down with COVID (they are all fine now, thankfully). I saw friends be affected by the social injustice happening in this country. And I saw friends who are small business owners do whatever they can to stay open and continue to survive.

This brings me to why I am writing this blog. I’m sure most people have seen what Barstool Sports is doing to help small businesses survive until COVID restrictions are lifted, raising over $22 million to support numerous individuals. Although I do not have the money to help, I’ve come up with an idea to do my part for the Western Pennsylvania area.

Starting in 2021, I will be hosting a slightly different version of Back To The Burgh, centered around small businesses in our backyard. I will be interviewing the owners who run these businesses on a daily basis. I want to bring a human face to some of our favorite small businesses and introduce you to new businesses that will be a part of our community for a very long time. I had this idea in hopes to bring attention to small businesses that need their community most in this difficult time.

So, I ask that you share this message with small business owners in the Western PA area, and if you know of small businesses that you want to see featured on the podcast, feel free to reach out! I may not have $22 million to hand out, but I will do my best to make sure your business is known across the Western PA community.

As a programming note, the small business episodes will alternated each week between normal episodes of Back To The Burgh. Thank you all for the support and I hope to be able to bring you all of these stories in the best way I can!

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