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#NS9LIVE! - Ben Cherington's Year In Review

Tyler and DiNardo take a look back at this season as we revisit every trade, as well as signings and the draft. We provide our individual grades of the trades as they stand today as well as give our overall grade of Ben Cherington to date.

109 Minutes | Sep 24 2021

Episode 177 - PASS-FAIL

The Brudders welcome home Mike from Dormont and discuss the Steelers disappointing loss to the Raiders and what it means going forward!!

40 Minutes | Sep 22 2021

Cats, Lions, and Apes - NFT Tuesday

Lazy Lions Mooning, BYAC Roadmap, Fake NFTs, and more!

74 Minutes | Sep 22 2021

Trade Tickets and Locker Room Packs - Top Shot Friday

NBA Top Shot announce Trade Tickets and Locker Room packs! Is it worth it? Lets discuss!

81 Minutes | Sep 22 2021

Mutant Apes are here! - NFT Tuesday

Bored Yacht Ape Club have released the Mutant Apes Yacht Club! Let's talk about it!

74 Minutes | Sep 22 2021