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The Steelers win and it has me ready to prost-n-party. I break down the game along with this week's matchup against Seattle, as well as talk a little hockey. And of course, I'm enjoying my final festbier - a lager from Necromancer Brewing Co. Cheers

27 Minutes | Oct 11 2021

I've run out of words to spend on the Steelers recent performance. So instead of harboring my bitterness, I'm focusing on the finer things in life. Like upscale food, Pittsburgh restaurants, and tequila - and Zach Banner is here to help. Join us both as we dive into the world of culinary creativity and try to forget about Pittsburgh's football woes. Cheers

32 Minutes | Oct 05 2021

For as rockin' as Heinz was before kickoff, the game certainly didn't reflect the energy the we fans brought into the stands with us. The Steelers looked flat in a loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, and I just...I don't know. Is it time to throw in the terrible towel on this team?I don't know. Do they still have potential to be good? I don't know. Feel free to join me in my uncertainty and despair. Cheers.

18 Minutes | Sep 21 2021