Your Most Valuable Asset Is Your Opinion... Let's Monetize It!

In a world where opinions are a dime a dozen, your opinion matters and needs to be heard. Maybe you are struggling to find a following or you have a following, but cannot capitalize on that opportunity to put some paper in your wallet. In either of those scenarios, PodHub is here to help you both grow your listener base and to help your earn money. We do this by cross collaboration and through our advertising partners.

The idea of a network is simple; connect with other like minded people to help grow your fan base. It really is networking 101, but sometimes, finding a place to start that journey is hard. Let PodHub take care of that for you. If you are in one of our regional sites (Pittsburgh or Jacksonville), PodHub will connect you with other podcasters in your area to help grow your bases organically and quickly. There is no reason to be go on this journey by yourself. Let PodHub connect you to others and let's grow together.

Unlike many other networks you see, PodHub isn't in this to use the creators it adds as a way to syphon money from them. PodHub is about the culture and helping creators grow together from within a dedicated market. As a cohesive community everyone can connect and we all can assist in reaching the destination we have all set for ourselves.

Now that you are growing your fan base, it is time to get paid, but that can also be difficult. Using online ads can get you some revenue, but those are for companies that have no investment on how you do. 

PodHub will connect you with a list of potential advertisers within your home market so you can advertise with some substance. Imagine walking into a pub, restaurant, or store and seeing your logo proudly displayed.  The advertiser has as much invested in your success as you do and since you are both local, collaboration can take place on how to best enhance your growth. The more listens you get, the more advertising they get.  Everybody wins!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to us on our contact page. We'd love to hear from you and work together to expand your prescience online.

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