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Welcome back to Cannonball Couch! On today's episode, we address Pittsburgh's recent big trades (0:00) and the other big trades across the MLB (26:10). To conclude the episode, your hosts finish with 3 hopeful predictions each for the rest of the 2021 season (41:10). Be sure to tune in next week for more Cannonball Couch!

55 Minutes | Aug 04 2021

Welcome to the Cannonball Couch Draft Special. In this unique episode, your hosts dive deep into the Pittsburgh Pirates' controversial 1st overall pick.The debate between if the pick was used to the fullest or not is explored, and a final conclusion is found. Enjoy, and be back for our post-All Star Break episode next Sunday at 8 PM ET.

39 Minutes | Jul 13 2021

Welcome Back! On this episode of Cannonball Couch, we discuss Pittsburgh's impressive week (0:54), the upcoming All-Star game (22:45), and more management failures from the MLB. Please enjoy, and look out for episode 15 next Sunday.

51 Minutes | Jun 28 2021