Connect with Listeners

Podcasters have a unique relationship with their listeners. Utilize the relationship between podcasters and listeners to connect listeners to your brand.

  • Grow your Brand

    Podcast listeners are intelligent, affluent, and loyal. Advertising on the PodHub Network gives your brand an opportunity to connect and grow brand loyalty. 155 million people in the US have listened to a podcast of which 104 million listening to a podcast every month. With the age of listeners between the ages of 12-34 constituting 48% of those listeners, your brand has a great opportunity to grow with listeners as they grow older.
  • Are They Listening?

    Of course! When advertising on the PodHub Network, you want to ensure that podcast listeners are listening to your advertisement. 81% of podcast listeners pay attention to podcast advertisement with 60% of podcast listeners making purchases based on advertisements heard. Over the course of four or more years, 72% of podcast listeners have made a purchase.


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