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The PodHub leadership team is assembled within a way that allows each member to bring their individual strengths and bring growth to your content.  Read the bio's below and reach out to us if you have any questions. 

Our Team
Anthony DiNardo, CXO


Anthony, better known as just 'DiNardo' comes from a banking and sales background, but that has never interfered with his love of sports and creating. With the help of Geddis he started the podcast 'DiNardo's Dugout', and then also co-created 'North Shore Nine'. His desire and drive to create inspired him to help others trying to do the same. He quickly knew he wanted to do something bigger to help people with the same drive obtain the success they desire. With Geddis, Thong, and Bryan, PodHub Network was created. DiNardo has a vision of creating a culture within a community to bring podcasts together and grow from within. 

Geddis Shonekan, CMO

Geddis graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Building Construction Management. While in school, Geddis developed a love for production. Upon finishing college, Geddis began multiple podcast ventures. With Anthony DiNardo, Geddis helped create and produce DiNardo’s Dugout. Geddis also helped create Trash Katz, formally Nguyen with the Shonekans, and developed the podcast into a live streaming show with Thong Nguyen. Geddis, along with the other member of the PodHub Network, see the PodHub Network as the media outlet that will help build upon the podcasting and streaming without syphoning dollars from podcasters and streamers as other networks seem to do. PodHub Network is in this 'for the culture.'

Bryan Hermann, CIO

Bryan comes from a background in IT and Business Solutioning. In the past, Bryan has ventured into other entrepreneurial endeavors and is looking to bring his knowledge and guidance to the PodHub Network.    

Thong Nguyen, CFO

Thong graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Finance, and has held finance roles within the some world’s largest banking institutions. His passion for sports and video games led him into the world of podcasts and live-streaming. He is focused on combining these two areas of expertise to contribute to the growth and success of the Podhub Network. 

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