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Latest Episodes:

NS9 NFT - Candy Digital 2021 MLB Icon Packs

Our very first episode of NS9 NFT where Jim & DiNardo talk NFT's surrounding mostly Candy Digital MLB as well as some Topps & Panini.

Tonight we are opening packs from our Candy Digital 2021 MLB Icons Pack Pre-Sale.

But first, we talk about what an NFT is, what got each of us into the NFT space, how that helped us pivot into Candy Digital, and some news and notes about Candy Digital and their very first packs they are dropping this week.

92 Minutes | Oct 26 2021

2021 NS9 Fanboy Awards

Tonight we see what players & fans take home a Fanboy from the 2021 Pittsburgh Pirates Season.

81 Minutes | Oct 22 2021

Episode 185 - Time Of Rest

The Brudders touch on some things in the Seattle Win. Why they should just pack it in and stop trying. They also talk about some good matchups around the league as they take in much needed rest during the bye week!

41 Minutes | Oct 21 2021

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